Ride the Track is an untimed All Mountain biking event with GPS guidance, taking place in Serre Chevalier Vallée Briançon (Hautes-Alpes, France) from September 3rd to 7th of 2022. The event is limited to 160 participants, and aims to allow participants to discover the trails and landscapes at their own pace.

1. Organisation

Ride the Track is organised by Biking4All Asbl, in collaboration with Alps Epic Events.

2. Conditions for participation

Ride The Track is accessible to all cyclists, licensed or otherwise, over the age of 16 on the day of the event. It is essential that minors are accompanied by at least one responsible adult per team. For minors, a parental authorization is mandatory.

3. Registrations

Registrations are performed exclusively through the online form you will find under the “Registration” tab on this site. Registration transfers are only authorized with the explicit consent of the organisation. Your registration will only be validly recorded following full payment of your team’s total amount. Registrations will close at the latest on 15 July 2022, or while the places available last. No new registration on site will be accepted.

The registration amount for Ride The Track 2022 is set at €439 per person (formula “Trio” or “Duo”).

4. Check-in

Registrations and the documents stipulated under article 2 of these regulations, as well as the removal of the frame badges, will be checked on site on Saturday 3rd September 2022 between 4 pm and 7.00 pm.

5. Equipment

Each participant must be equipped with an MTB in a state of perfect operation. This MTB will preferably be full suspension and with 120 to 150 mm of travel (AllMountain). E-MTB are allowed.

– Hard helmet is mandatory.
– Other protection (long gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, glasses etc.) are optional but recommended.

Equipment that must be taken
– 1 GPS per participant (or at least 2 GPS per team) + spare batteries
– Backpack (Camelbak type) that can carry at least 1.5 L of liquid and the equipment mentioned below
– Repair kit: mini-pump, multi-tools, 2 inner tubes, chain rivet, derailleur hanger, brake pads, etc.
– windproof jacket (or waterproof, depending on the forecast)
– survival blanket, whistle and mobile telephone
– energy bars, etc

6. Routes

The different routes of Ride The Track are not marked out. At each stage, participants should follow the GPS track provided by the organisation. In the event of a navigation error, it is advised to turn around and resume the route at the last known trail.

The organisation reserves the right to alter, shorten or cancel the routes at the last minute for reasons involving the weather, safety or in the event of an act of God.

7. GPS Tracks

The different GPS tracks will be uploaded in the GPS’ participant the day of arrival. Each track will be available in GPX format. It is the responsibility of each participant to check that they are displayed correctly. Note that certain GPS do not accept tracks of over 500 track points. In this case, please inform the person in charge of the upload.

The GPS tracks provided by the organisation remain the property of Ride The Track. Sharing or disseminating these outside the circle of participants before, during or after the event and by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited. Any participant violating this particular point of the regulations risks legal prosecution.

8. Safety

For reasons of solidarity and safety, the members of the same team should remain together all along the itinerary. The badge number of each team mate should be visible for the control points at various spots on the trail. In the event of any technique or physical issue leading to a team mate or a full team dropping out, it is essential to notify the person responsible at the nearest checkpoint and/or the organizer through the telephone number stated on the frame badge.
Dropping out of a stage does not prevent the team or the team mate dropping from starting again the following day.

The highway code must be respected throughout the itinerary. It is essential to ride on the right on all sections of routes open to traffic, and to obey without discussion the marshalls or organisation members responsible for safety.

For organisation and safety reasons, schedule limits may be imposed on participants. Should this be the case, participants arriving late to one of the schedule limits must follow the organisation’s orders and rejoin the finish through a simplified alternative itinerary.

Wearing a hard helmet and long gloves is mandatory during all stages.

9. Respect the environment and others

Ride The Track resolutely falls within the category of events that respects the environment. In addition to the GPS guidance, participants are also invited to share cars in order to make their way to the meeting place. So as to reduce the quantity of rubbish at the refreshment points, all participants will carry their own reusable beaker received at registration.

Through his/her registration, each participant undertakes not to leave any rubbish in nature and to respect it as best as possible. Furthermore, each participant will behave courteously and will stop any time this is necessary to allow walkers to pass on the paths.

10. Refreshments

Depending on the length of the difficulty of the stages, the organisation will arrange 1 to 2 refreshments along the route.

11. Briefing

Every day after the dinner, the organizers will conduct a briefing. All participants are invited to attend the briefing.

12. Insurance and liability

The organisation is covered by civil liability insurance. This insurance does not cover the participants’ deeds and actions. Participants are therefore strongly advised to take out civil liability and individual accident insurance covering MTB usage. Each participant will likewise see to possessing emergency and repatriation assistance, covering mountain search and rescue.

The organisation does not accept any responsibility in the event of theft, loss or damage to the MTB and the equipment belonging to participants. Moreover, the organisation can in no instance be held responsible in the event of an accident or failure caused by bad health or insufficient preparation.

The organisation’s responsibility will no longer be applied if, due to a case of act of God or outside its will, Ride The Track must be altered, shortened or cancelled

13. Right to images

By registering with Ride The Track, each participant explicitly authorises the organiser (or successors) to use or allow to be used or reproduce his/her name, image, voice and his/her sporting performance within the scope of Ride The Track with a view to any direct, indirect usage or under a form derived from the event and, in any medium, throughout the entire world, though all means of communication known and currently unknown, and for the entire duration of the current protection accorded to this direct or derived usage by the statutory or regulatory provisions, the legal and arbitration decisions of any country, as well as current or future international conventions, and including any extensions that might be added to this duration.

14. Data Protection Act

Ride the Track is compliant with the GDPR. In particular, to the benefit of participants, the right of access, rectification or deregistration for any information concerning all files used by the organising company, by writing to it an email, fax or letter.